How to move my funds from VIP to my bank account?

Click ‘Deposit/withdraw Rupiah‘ under the ‘receive/send Bitcoin’ tab choose ‘withdraw Rupiah’ and follow the instructions listed there. Enter the amount of Rupiah you wish to move to your bank account. We will charge you 1% for every withdrawal above Rp 2.500.000. If you withdraw money below that amount, we will charge you a flat Rp […]

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How to send my bitcoins balance to my personal wallet?

Click ‘Receive/send Bitcoin‘ on the menu and follow the instructions. Enter the bitcoin amount you want to send to your personal wallet. we charge 0.0005 BTC as fee (regardless how much bitcoin you want to send). Enter your bitcoin address, and your Google Authenticator PIN or SMS PIN. Click ‘Send’. Check your e-mail, and click on […]

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Can I increase my daily BTC/IDR withdrawal limit?

For the purposes of complying with government regulations in Indonesia as well as preventing any cases of fraud, money laundering and so on to happen in the future, we are limiting your daily withdrawal to ten million for expatriates, and two hundred million IDR for Indonesian citizens (and its equivalent in BTC). If your account has not been verified, […]

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RUPIAH Free Rupiah Deposit, Except if you: Withdrawal = 1%* From your total witdrawal. The minimum fee is 25.000 IDR. Buy Bitcoin with Rupiah = 0% as a market maker, 0.3% as a market taker (or if you using market (instant) method) BITCOIN Bitcoin Deposit = Free Bitcoin Withdrawal to non-VIP wallet = 0,0005 BTC** […]

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How to create voucher?

Login to If you didn’t have an account yet, register here. Click ‘Voucher’ on the menu. You need to have IDR balance in order to create vouchers. to top up your IDR balance, click on ‘Deposit Rupiah’. You can start creating vouchers by filling the right column just like in the red box. enter the […]

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