The following is how to make a deposit in Rupiah to your account:

  • Click ‘Rupiah’ menu, select Deposit Rupiah.
  • Enter the amount of money and select the source of funds you wish to deposit, click ‘Continue’.
  • If you select the voucher method, you can immediately redeem the voucher code you have, or buy vouchers from our exchange partners.
  • If you select the cash method, you can make a cash deposit at the office.
  • If you select the bank transfer method, select the bank name and the transfer method (ATM, mobile or internet banking) that you wish to
    use. Click ‘Continue’ button to see further instructions.
  • Complete the deposit process by filling in the ‘Deposit Confirmation’ form based on the data requested.
  • Wait for our financial team to validate your deposit. Your balance will be credited to your account within 1 to 3 hours during business